Bearing Doings

The William and Maman and I got up early… we drove and drove and drove some more and the roads got busier and busier with lots and lots of cars, and then we were at the Big Building where we have been before, but we couldn't stop where we usually do, so we had to find a different place to stop which was called The Ten Minute Stop, and Maman got out and went into the Big Building, and the The William and I had to go Somewhere Else, because Ten Minutes was not long enough, and then The William got a message on his phone and he drove back to The Ten Minute Stop and there was Maman and Wendy and Sarah and two French men! [READ MORE]

où bat nos cœurs,

là on trouve le foyer


Autumn, to my mind, starts in September – hopefully with some glorious 'Indian Summer' days! The light, fresh food of summer… is now moving towards the marvellously satisfying soups, stews and many other dishes, featuring squashes, beans and mushrooms, while herbs fresh from the garden are being replaced by aromatic spices: it's a season to really enjoy seasonings! [READ MORE]

Local Stuff

The Canal du Midi… is one of the oldest canals in Europe still to be in operation [READ MORE]

Petit Puivertain, October 2016

Landfill works for erasing power lines finally come to an end in terms of the structures. Mechanical shovels, rock breaks, the blocked streets, for now this is history… This will end a few days after the slaughter of concrete posts of the sector. [READ MORE]

Now be prepared for a shock: we here at The Hearth do not have a television!… sometimes, when they have been invited, they go to our Friends, Lindsay and Ian, and watch Scottish Singing and Music on Alba… But we do like watching Films. [READ MORE]

Cookings Shadow's Tales

But here is the Really Interesting bit: the Poletads will grow arms and legs and do Swimming and turn into Frogs or Toads or Newts!

Maman has explained that this is called Metafor Moses. (I learned about Moses at Sunday School. He had Tabilets but I don't think they were the same as my Tabilets, which are to stop Wormies growing in my tummy.) [READ MORE]


Nature Corner

25 September: a jay shows off to delight
Wendy and Sarah.

15 September: a fly-over by a mob of house martins heading South, behaving more like a shoal of fish than a flock.

1 September: the trees on the hillsides are
turning to brown.

18 August: the swallows gather, covering the walls
of a house in the village, and then depart for South Africa. Do they count as EcMigs too?

Lassalle (Malepere AP)

Grande cuvee reservee, 2012

… hint of tobacco on the tongue, smokey dark fruits, reminiscent of autumn, hedgerow fruits and BBQs

I like it![READ MORE]

Lentil & Pumpkin Stew

Yes, herbs and spices can work together! [READ MORE]

You should be hearing True Companion by Marc Cohen.
For Thomas and Amy :-)

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